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Low-Cost Mediator Referral Program

"I'm so glad I found you through the Mediator Registry"
"A low, fixed rate for a three hour mediation with a fully qualified, experienced mediator"

The Mediator Registry is offering a Low-Cost Mediator Referral Program in Los Angeles to assist disputing parties in finding competent, available mediators for any case. The purpose of the program is to make it easy and convenient for disputing parties to find an appropriate mediator; to allow mediations to be spread round the cadre of participating mediators; and to provide some certainty with fees. While potential clients are able to search the directory and to contact mediators directly, the Referral Program offers some advantages:

  1. All mediators participating in this program have verified their mediation credentials to the Mediator Registry. Most are also attorneys, trained and experienced in mediation.

  2. Listed mediators practice areas cover the following: Associations, Bankruptcy, Business, Civil Harassment, Commercial, Community, Construction, Consumer, Contract, Division of Monies and Property, Elder/Inter-Generational, Employment/Workplace, Entertainment, Family, Foreclosure, Guardianships/Conservatorships, Health, Homeowners, Insurance, Juvenile, Landlord/Tenant, Legal Malpractice, Medical Malpractice, Peer Mediation, Personal Injury, Probate/Trusts, Real Estate, Tax, Victim/Offender, and Workers Compensation.

  3. The fixed cost for a mediation consisting of one session of up to three hours is established at $525 ($a $450 mediator fee plus a $75 non-refundable administration fee). There are additional fees in certain cases. See the chart below

  4. The Mediator Registry will assign an appropriate mediator to the case, or you can choose your own mediator. All mediators are trained and experienced, and have verified their credentials to the Mediator Registry.

  5. Once assigned, the Mediator Registry guarantees that the assigned mediator will contact the parties within 5 business days, and will be available to complete the mediation promptly according to the needs of the parties. Otherwise, another mediator will be assigned.

  6. The mediator will provide all paperwork and administration, including a Settlement Agreement form and/or, if required, a statement that the mediation was conducted. There are other forms also including survey forms, confidentiality, and disclaimers.

  7. The mediator cannot provide any professional advice to any party. This generally includes legal advice, financial/tax advice, or theraputic counselling.
Some other notes:

  • You do not need to have nor to be an attorney to use the services of a mediator to help resolve your case. However note that neither the Mediator Registry nor the mediator can provide you with legal advice, so make sure that you are fully informed.

  • All mediations conducted under this program will be protected by relevant sections of the California Evidence Code, which among other items protects the mediator from being called to testify about anything that was said or done during the mediation. The parties will sign a form acknowledging these terms.

  • The mediator is responsible for providing the location for the mediation. As some mediators do not have their own facilities, if you (the client) can provide a location for the mediation such as your own office, you will increase the pool of mediators from which we can select.

  • It should be noted that mediators are required by the Mediator Registry to follow the general code of standard practices followed by mediators: 1) Settlement is not guaranteed or promised and fees are only contingent on holding the mediation according to standard practices and guidelines. Fees are not contingent on reaching agreement; 2) The mediator is neutral and unbiased with regards to the case, and if not will recuse him/herself; 3) Anything said in a mediation is confidential and inadmissible in future legal proceedings.

Obtaining a mediator through the program

Obtaining a mediator through the Mediator Registry Pilot referral program is simple. If you use the form below the Mediator Registry will assign you a mediator. Use the following link if you with to choose your own mediator (no additional charge)

  1. Fill out the form below and pay the non-refundable administratation fee of $75.

  2. We will acknowledge your request by email and will let you know within 24 business hours the name and contact information of the mediator who has been assigned.

  3. The mediator will contact you within five business days.

  4. After direct contact has been made, your dealings are directly with the mediator who will handle all administration, including convening the mediation itself and collecting the $450 fee paid directly to the mediator.

  5. The Mediator Registry will only step in in the event that there is an issue with the mediator - e.g. the mediator cannot complete the mediation, or is required to recuse her/himself. In this case the Mediator Registry will, after review of the situation and discussion with the client if necessary, assign another mediator.

  6. It is normal for parties to a mediation to split the fees. As one side will be paying the administration fee, there will be some reconciliation required. The Mediator will help you with this.

  7. Please note that most of our mediators are also attorneys, but some are not. It is not a requirement to be an attorney to be on our referral list. If you must have an attorney as your mediator, there is an additional $75 fee. If you pay this fee, you will be assigned a mediator who is also an attorney. If you do not pay the additional fee, you will be assigned a mediator at random, who may or may not be an attorney. If you choose your own mediator you may choose an attorney and avoid the fee.

We have a Partner Program whereby we offer a discount on the administration rate to designated organzations and individuals. If you are a Partner, you will have a Partner Code. Click here to learn more about our Partner Program.

After you have completed your payment, you will be redirected to a page where you can provide further information required for mediator assignment:

Do you have a Partner Code (see above)?

If you do not want to pay by PayPal, then you can use this form to send us a check, or alternatively upon receipt of the form we can call you for a credit card number.

Want to choose your own mediator? We have over 500 listed in Los Angeles. Search our Los Angeles Mediator listings.

Mediators: Learn how to participate in this program.

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