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Alessandro Bruni Esq. JD, MD

Rome, 00185
0039 3384662616

I can provide a neutral location for mediation
Area served: All Italy and continental EU states

This mediator offers Online Dispute Resolution (via Skype or similar)

This mediator has listed themselves on the registry, but have not provided to us any verification of their credentials.
Associations - Business - Commercial - Community - Construction - Consumer - Contract - Division of Monies and Property - Employment/Workplace - Family - Legal Malpractice - Medical Malpractice

Alessandro Bruni is a lawyer and profssional mediator and arbitrator. he is the second (of only 3 in Italy) certified as "IMI Certified Mediator", by the International Mediation Institute. He is the Founder of CONCILIA llc, since 1999 the Italian Leading ADR provider, accredited by the Italian Ministry of Justice ( - He is the President of Mediators Beyond Borders International-Italy Professional Chapter (the first chapter outside the US).
He is Professor of "Mediation & Conciliation, the International Academy of Sciences of Peace, Rome; University of Viterbo, EMTPJ, Bruxelles, belgium.
He teached mediation and ADR techniques to many hundreds of professionals all over Italy and abroad.
He is Member of the Sub-Commission of the U.I.A. for Mediation and Arbitration.
Taking part to the building of tens of E.U. financed projects.
Alessandro has mediated since 1996 more than 800 civil, commercial and family cases, including complex and multi-party.
He has conducted many mediations both for private ADR Providers and for Chambers of Commerce and Public Bodies.
He is also expert in social and enviromental mediations and in EU financed Project
He has conducted ad hoc mediations and on-line mediations expecially referred to consumer disputes.
He is also expert in family, social and enviromental mediations.
As a full-time long-experienced professional mediator, Alessandro Bruni is very often engaged in ADR speaking and teaching both in Italy and abroad.
He is one of the first and very few Italian professional-mediation trainers accredited by the Italian Ministry of Justice for teaching "corporate, banking and financial mediation".
Over the last 15 years he has trained over than 1000 professionals in negotiation, mediation, conciliation, arbitration, problem solving & conflict management.

He is the founder of CONCILIA LLC., based in Rome (Italy) and with more than 20 secondary offices all around Italy.

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