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Alex Dukhovny B.A.

Los Angeles, CA 90046
United States

I can provide a neutral location for mediation
Area served: Greater Los Angeles Area

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This mediator has certified to the Mediator Registry that they have taken a basic training course of at least 30 hours, they take ongoing training of at least 10 hours per year, and that they have performed at least 250 mediations.
Business - Commercial - Consumer - Contract - Division of Monies and Property - Entertainment - Family - Foreclosure - Homeowners - Landlord/Tenant - Personal Injury - Real Estate

Member of: ACR - LASC Panel (Former)

Since the year 2000 Alex Dukhovny has been involved with numerous companies in different industries; Information Technologies, Marketing, Sales, Telecommunications, Medical, Real Estate, and Law related fields. In 2003 he joined California Academy of Mediation Professionals. California Academy of Mediation Professionals (“CAMP”) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing quality mediation services. CAMP was established in May of 1995 by Jeffrey Krivis and received substantial grant funding under the Los Angeles County Dispute Resolution Program Act.

Upon completing the Pepperdine University Straus Institute ADR training Alex began his career in dispute resolution. In a very short time he had established a respected reputation in the Los Angeles County Courthouses as well as with vast number of attorneys. Developing his own style and focusing primarily on the virtual mediation environment he became an expert in the field of pro-se mediation, video and teleconferencing sessions.

In 2006 Alex received a BA degree in Business and Human Relations. Mr. Dukhovny has completed several respected mediation training courses, among which are the Pepperdine’s Mediating the Litigated Case and American Mediation’s course. Being fully fluent in Russian, Mr. Dukhovny is active among the Russian speaking community and is often called upon cases requiring his language skills. Alex has always been interested in improving his skills and knowledge thus continuing to do so every chance he gets.

Besides writing several respected articles on the subject of negotiation and mediation, recently he has been interviewed for a radio show explaining the benefits of mediation. Mr. Dukhovny has also been appointed to serve a three year term with The City of Santa Clarita’s Manufactured Home Rental Adjustment Panel

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