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Althea Halchuck EJD

Palos Verdes Peninsu, CA 90274
United States
(310) 377-0110

I can provide a neutral location for mediation
Area served: South Bay, Orange County, LA

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This mediator has certified to the Mediator Registry that they have taken a basic training course of at least 100 hours, that they take ongoing training of at least 10 hours per year, and that they have performed at least 500 mediations.
Elder/Inter-Generational - Health - Medical Malpractice

Member of: SCMA - ACR - LASC Panel (Former)

Medical Malpractice is a specialty. Results-oriented dispute resolution practitioner with 10 years of extensive training and experience in every conflict arena. Ability to work with difficult situations involving multiple parties having varying interests. Effective as an imaginative problem solver in corporate, community, and healthcare settings. Dispute expertise in the arts of collaboration, facilitation, and negotiation, offering innovative options and solutions to appropriate stakeholders. Doctorate in Health Law provides knowledge in relevant healthcare laws and regulations, including HIPAA, medical malpractice, and tort standards. Detail oriented with excellent written, communication, and presentation skills. Analytical with the ability to recognize and detail trends affecting the care and communication between patients and providers. First-hand experience in end-of-life care and associated bioethical issues.

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