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This mediator has listed themselves on the registry, but have not provided to us any verification of their credentials.
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Obtaining a high level of education (MBA U. of Washington) attending law school and working in different capacities with a high level of responsibility and success over the many past years has given me the broad knowledge and skills required to understand and appreciate the requirements of many different fellow citizens of any age and race and education. I was a top producer for a major life insurance company. At one time I was the youngest licensed and highest rated real estate professional in state of Washington. I have initiated, built and sold three very successful service businesses (one was started from scratch and grew to be twelve self owned offices and twenty six franchises). In addition I have raised four level headed and successful now adult, children all of whom I am extremely proud. My approach to solving personal and business issues is to not make judgments or take sides but to find the core of a dispute by listening carefully and examining the thoughts and words of each party. I have an MBA from the University of Washington and many years of very successful family and business experience. My approach to a standing/existing problem, situation or disagreement is simple: Listen carefully, take complete notes, do not make "off the cuff" judgments, do not take sides but try to find and exercise a common "path" for all parties to follow that will lead to success and mutual agreement. This has been my successful approach over the past twelve plus years helping people understand and solve problems of different natures. On very rare occasions one party will,"jump ship" and seek legal guidance. To date each and every one of these clients has reported back to me that the outcome of going to court was extremely costly and non beneficial in the ultimate result or judgment.

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