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David Wasson Esq.

Santa Ana, CA 92705
United States
(714) 368-0000

I can provide a neutral location for mediation
Area served: All of Los Angeles

This mediator offers Online Dispute Resolution (via Skype or similar)

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Business - Civil Harassment - Commercial - Consumer - Contract - Legal Malpractice - Personal Injury - Real Estate

Member of: SCMA - NAFCM - LASC Panel (Former)

I have been litigating cases for over 20 years and I have participated in thousands of mediations. I have served as a mediator in hundreds of mediations and arbitrations. In order to assist the parties in faciliating settlement mediators should be familiar with the issues in the case. As your mediator three issues will permeate our mediation:

1. Length and Timing of the Mediation Proceeding
The mediator is vested with the responsibility of leading the
mediation. The parties come to mediation because of the presence
of issues or attitudes that have prevented the parties from
reaching a settlement. Though the complexity of the issues may
prolong the mediation process the mediator should try to
structure mediations to allow the parties to get to the issues
that are precluding settlement. If the mediator can get the
parties focused on these issues at the outset of the mediation,
then the mediaion may only take one (1) hour.

2. Cost-Effective Mediations- Not all cases Settle
Mediators should be very concerned about the cost of
mediation. Mediators should have reviewed the
briefs at least a day before the mediation
and I always try to hold a pre-mediation telephone conference with
the lawyers (at no charge) in order to resolve questions and
issues raised in the briefs thus allowing the parties
to address the critical issues at the outset of the
process. The mediator should also tell the parties early in the
process if it appear that the case is unlikely to settle. Not all
cases can settle but spending four (4) with parties before
ending the mediation is a waste of time.

3. Respect for the Parties and Their Lawyers
Though mediation can become frustrating and the positions of the
parties can be contentous and often unreasonable the parties and
their lawyers deserve the mediator's
respect. Mediators should never embarrass the parties or the
lawyers. Mediators must never disparage a lawyer in front of
their clients or adjustors. Mediators should be able to
communicate with the parties and the lawyers in a way that
demonstrates sensitivity to their interests and respect for their
positions even if those positions appear unreasonable.

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