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Donald Sternberg Esq.

Woodland Hills, California 91364
United States
818 710-8934, (cell

This mediator has listed themselves on the registry, but have not provided to us any verification of their credentials.
Business - Commercial - Community - Contract - Division of Monies and Property - Elder/Inter-Generational - Family - Homeowners - Juvenile - Landlord/Tenant - Peer

I am a lawyer with over 33 years of experience in representing clients in litigated cases. I am a Certified Mediator having received accredidation from the Center for Civic Mediation, an organization associated with the Los Angeles County Bar Association and one which is dedicated to community-based dispute resolution.

What has enabled me to achieve success in my area of practice, which is the recovery of commercial accounts receivable, although I began my career as a criminal defense lawyer, is not the fact that I spend every day in a courtroom locked in a legal struggle with another lawyer (I have done that) but, rather, my ability to effectively facillitate communication with the opposing party and, literally, mediate a resolution in order that the parties, including my own client, can avoid the time, expense and stress of litigating. It is that part of my nature and capabilities that attracted me to mediation and has given me reasonable success in the mediations that I have overseen; in fact, the only mediation in which I have been unable to achieve a resolution was due to my inability to overcome the hatred that the parties had for each other, human nature being what it is. Not all disputes need to be litigated and are capable of being resolved in mediation; it is up to the parties to decide to voluntarily bring themselves to the proverbial table and deciate themselves to working out their differences.

Although I have chosen a number of areas in which I am prepared to mediate and, although many of them are outside the area in which I practice law, they are, in fact, areas in which disputes arise that that could have been avoided had the parties been able to effectively communicate. The role of an effective mediator is to nourish communication and enable the parties to recognize and accept responsibility for their particular role in the creation of the dispute.

Disputes are not organic but are creations of human interaction. Mediation, although not perfect, provides parties with a real opportunity to take ownership of the dispute and provides the power to craft a fair and equitable resolution rather than having one imposed upon them by a dispassionate, uninterested third party such as a judge, jury or arbitrator.

Mediation is an unbelievable process that can serve the interests of all parties to a dispute. It takes an act of bravery to voluntarily submit to a process of investing in yourself in working with a party with whom your are in dispute and to voluntarily create an atmosphere of trust in which the dispute can be resolved. The mediator's role is to help the parties be rewarded for those acts of bravery.

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