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Dorit Cypis MDR, MFA, BA Education

Los Angeles, CA 90069
United States
(323) 356-5003

Area served: All of LA

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This mediator has certified to the Mediator Registry that they have taken a basic training course of at least 30 hours, they take ongoing training of at least 10 hours per year, and that they have performed at least 250 mediations.
Business - Civil Harassment - Community - Contract - Elder/Inter-Generational - Entertainment - Family - Homeowners - Juvenile - Landlord/Tenant - Peer - Personal Injury - Victim/Offender

Member of: SCMA - ACR - LASC Panel (Former)

Description of Practice
If you have an interest in de-escalating difficult situations, preserving important personal and business relations, and creating options to transform conflict, consider my mediation services. My clients are families, friends, business associates, cultural workers, educators, and social communities who have reached an impasse. They seek resolution, in a transactional sense, but also want to come away from conflict whole and changed– not broken, defeated or compromised. My clients have one thing in common: a genuine interest in resolving a problem and in the process experiencing growth and transformation.

Professional Background
My extensive training and experience is in mediating family conflict, parent associations, youth, small business, cultural groups as well as 100’s of litigated civil cases focussing on personal injury and civil rights. I have experience with procedural and substantive issues, legal process, social psychology, diversity and bias awareness. My passion for art and creativity over many years has expanded my knowledge of human identity and social relations. In 2007 I was a Founding Member of Mediators Beyond Borders, and between 2008-2011 I was Chair of the MBB Middle East Initiative assisting the development of a multi-cultural mediation curriculum for Palestinian and Jewish Israelis.

I have offered mediation services: - For the Alternative Dispute Resolution Panel of the Los Angeles Superior Courts since 2004, California Academy of Mediation Professionals, California Lawyers for the Arts, Center for Conflict Resolution, Western Justice Center, Centinela Youth Services, Southern California Mediators Association, Mediators Beyond Borders - Private mediation for numerous private individuals and groups, focussing on family and youth, business, cultural associations, art and culture; - Taught workshops and seminars locally and nationally on creative conflict engagement and resolution skills; - Conflict Coaching for individuals to build their capacity for bias awareness, empathic listening, perception development, creative engagement, communication, context assessment and evaluation; - Have facilitated social and educational programs for adults and teenage youth.

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