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Hon. Charles Rubin Esq.

Los Angeles, CA 90067
United States

I can provide a neutral location for mediation
Area served: Southern California

This mediator has certified to the Mediator Registry that they have taken a basic training course of at least 30 hours.
Business - Commercial - Contract - Division of Monies and Property - Elder/Inter-Generational - Employment/Workplace - Entertainment - Homeowners - Personal Injury - Real Estate

Member of: LASC Panel (Former)

Hon. Charles G. Rubin,Ret
I am a retired Los Angeles Superior Court Judge and with Alternative Resolution Centers.
I settle about 95% of my cases. I also have resolved numerous court ordered matters over the years from the random select panel and the party pay panel. Named Daily Journal Top Neutral in 2008 and 2010. I've settle all types of including complex litigation, Personal Injury, Real Estate, Business Litigation, Employment, Medical Malpractice, Food Born Illnesses and more. Please see my resume at for more information. To schedule me for a mediation or arbitration please contact Lee Friedman at 310-284-8224.

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