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Jeanette Bicknell

Toronto, ON M6G2E8

This mediator has listed themselves on the registry, but have not provided to us any verification of their credentials.
Employment/Workplace - Entertainment - Landlord/Tenant - Real Estate

I hold a certificate and an advanced certificate in Alternative Dispute Resolution and a Ph.D. in philosophy from York University. Like many mediators, I have come into the field after doing something else. I taught philosophy and ethics at the university level for about 10 years, including stints at York University, the University of Ottawa, the University of Maryland, Carleton University, and OCAD University. My academic specialty was the philosophy of art (especially music) and I have written extensively on philosophy, ethics, and the arts.

As a philosophy professor, I always considered that my primary task was helping others to think clearly. I wanted to help students to formulate clear arguments, no matter what positions they held, and I wanted them to be able to see the flaws in their own and othersí thinking. I felt that, long after they had forgotten the details of the content I presented, they would retain the skills associated with thinking clearly and with understanding different points of view, no matter what their personal opinions.

As a mediator, I bring a calm focused approach to every mediation session and consultation, together with superior analytic skills and a sense of objectivity.When Iím not working or spending time with my family, you are likely to find me at a yoga studio. (But donít worry, if you work with me I wonít ask you to sit in a circle and chant, etc.)

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