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Karen Shanbrom Esq.

Los Angeles, CA 90041
United States
Area served: Greater Los Angeles area; will travel

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This mediator has certified to the Mediator Registry that they have taken a basic training course of at least 30 hours and have performed at least 50 mediations.
Business - Commercial - Construction - Consumer - Contract - Landlord/Tenant - Personal Injury

Member of: SCMA - LASC Panel (Former)

I received my Bachelor's Degree in Sociology and Psychology from U.S.C. and my J.D. from Southwestern University School of Law. After practicing civil litigation for several years, I realized that I much prefer to help people find a way to resolve their disputes.

I provide mediation and dispute resolution services to individuals, consumers, small businesses, and community and neighborhood organizations that want to resolve their disputes without filing lawsuits. I work directly with the people involved in conflict to help them create and implement fast, effective, and lasting solutions.

I also provide mediation services to lawyers actively involved in litigation. In fact, I spend most of my time mediating litigated cases. I am motivated to help parties reach a speedy, satisfactory resolution and end the litigation.

Whether you are seeking assistance to avoid litigation, or are actively involved in a lawsuit, mediation is a valuable tool and I can help. Mediation costs significantly less than litigation, and the mediation process is faster, less stressful, and more efficient than going to trial.

I presently volunteer with the Los Angeles Superior Court's pro bono mediation panel and have volunteered as a mediator in Small Claims Court. I also conduct training seminars on handling conflict and dispute resolution, having been a corporate training for more than 20 years.

I am an Adjunct Professor at Southwestern, teaching "Interviewing, Counseling, and Negotiating." In addition, I work part-time negotiating settlements of Workers' Compensation liens on behalf of hospitals that treat injured workers.

Everything I've done in my personal and professional life has contributed to equipping me with the skills and experience to help you resolve your dispute.

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