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Kym Adams

Ontario, CA 91764
United States

This mediator has listed themselves on the registry, but have not provided to us any verification of their credentials.
Family - Landlord/Tenant

Member of: SCMA

Director of Center for Effective Dispute Resolution Srv. "CEDRS"
An Affordable Public Benefit ADR Provider.
Background: Since 1996 I have been a legal document entrepreneur helping pro-per litigates in a litigated system, master and resolve their issues working together without the fight. In 2007, I became passionate and driven to help pro-per litigates resolve their disputes out of court. It was a "sea change" that prevented many new ADR doors to open for me.
Now I manage a panel of attorney and non-attorney mediators help anyone and everyone settle their case(s) out of court; Peacefully and Affordable
In my spare time, I enjoy my family, pets, horses and going to the gym.
I try to remember to make time to reflect on how "thankful I am for all the blessings that have shined upon my life" and not to take life for granted. Also, I make it a point to make sure I hug at least three people a day. Because ever hug ends with a smile.
I am thankful for such a supportive family, friends, and a successful career"

My Favorite Quotes: "To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did!!"

"Never underestimate the power of your actions.
With one small gesture you can change a person's life.

I am Kym Adams and I am Energy :-)

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