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Lawrence Levine Esq. JD; BA in accounting

Thousand Oaks, CA 91361
United States
(805) 496-0500

Area served: LA; SFV to Ventura

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Business - Contract - Real Estate

Member of: LASC Panel (Former)

I am a 1967 graduate of UCLA School of Law and have practice commercial law in Southern California. I possess a degree in accounting and have particular expertise in accounting issues and damages. I have interned with the IRS. I have been a presenter in three different years CEB panels on Real Estate Remedies. For two years I taught at the Beverly School of Law in the filed of Real Estate Secured Transactions and the Uniform Commercial Code.

I have participated in more than 50 arbitration proceedings pursuant to the commercial rules of the American Arbitration Association.

I have represented the successful party in two published appellate decisions. One determined that when there is a contract of sale of real property which provides for a loss of possession upon default, that unlawful detainer is not available and the other determining that an arbitration provision which provides for arbitration before an established arbitration tribunal is self executing and requires no court order for a valid arbitration award to result. In addition it was determined that a declaration need not state that it is based on personal knowledge, but only show that the declarant has personal knowledge.

I participated in the Los Angeles Superior Court Mediation Panel for in excess of 10 years.

I obtained my basic and advanced mediation training approximately 15 years ago and have attended several seminars at Pepperdine University School of Law.

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