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Lisa Bass

San Francisco, CA 94103
United States

This mediator has certified to the Mediator Registry that they have taken a basic training course of at least 30 hours.

Lisa Bass is a proven Solution Expert with a consistent success record in resolving issues and conflicts for stakeholders with interest, involvement or investment in them.

She has emerged professionally over the last two years as a Mediator, Project Manager, and e-Libel Mitigator focused on reaching the maximum beneficial outcome for all parties.

Her specific mediation experience includes more than 100 hours of helping clients reach successful resolutions.

She is an active mediator for The Bar Association of SF Attorney Fee Disputes Panel, The SF Community Boards, The SF Office of Citizen Complaints, as well as, her private practice with list of referrals.

For more than twenty years in first career as top performing sales and marketing professional within the High Technology Industry, Lisa’s significant achievements resulted from:

>> collaborating with customers to uncover business needs

>> solving issues with technology solutions and services as a “Trusted Advisor”

>> negotiating multi-million dollar agreements

>> managing top initiatives and critical projects for executive

>> mediating disputes between customers, partners and organizations

Mediation Specialities include, but not limited to:

- Commercial and Business Disputes

- Real Estate Disputes

- Homeowner and/or Homeowner Association Disputes

- Construction Disputes

- Family Disputes

- Neighbor and/or Landlord/Tenant Disputes

- Community Disputes

- Consumer and Provider or Supplier Disputes

- Contract Disputes

- Employment and Employer Disputes

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