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Michael Hoff Esq. LLB

Los Angeles, CA 90067
United States
(310) 284-8224

Area served: All of Los Angeles

This mediator has certified to the Mediator Registry that they have taken a basic training course of at least 100 hours, that they take ongoing training of at least 10 hours per year, and that they have performed at least 500 mediations.
Business - Commercial - Construction - Consumer - Contract - Division of Monies and Property - Elder/Inter-Generational - Homeowners - Landlord/Tenant - Peer - Personal Injury - Real Estate

Member of: SCMA - LASC Panel (Former)

Judge Michael R. Hoff served on the Los Angeles County Superior Court from 1987-2008, where he presided over hundreds of trials and settled thousands of civil disputes of all kinds. As Supervising Judge of the Northwest District in Van Nuys, he oversaw the activities of 38 judges and commissioners and handled administrative duties as well as a regular calendar which included probate matters. Uniformly respected by attorneys on both sides of the bar, Judge Hoff conducted both mandatory and voluntary settlement conferences and settled a multitude of disputes, from highly-contested insurance coverage cases to million-dollar probate matters involving celebrity litigants.

Before he was appointed to the bench, Judge Hoff handled tort litigation (plaintiffs and defendants), real estate and escrow matters. As a founding partner of Byers, Hoff & Lyden, his clients included Six Flags Magic Mountain, Newhall Land & Farming, Hyatt Hotels and USA Petroleum. Prior to practicing law, Judge Hoff served for 20 years with the LAPD as a Police Officer, Sergeant, Lieutenant and Captain III, including several years as an accident investigator. He also gained significant experience with administrative disciplinary trials during that time.

Judge Michael Hoff served on the court for 21 years, including three years as Supervising Judge and four years as Assistant Supervising Judge of the Northwest District. Most recently, as the judge for the probate department for three years, he was so popular that attorneys protested when his term was up in that department. Judge Hoff receives unanimous praise as a “superb judge” with an “outstanding temperament” who is “very fair” and has “excellent knowledge of the law.” A proponent of mediation while on the bench, he has been a very successful settlement judge because he is trusted by all parties and is quick to find the middle ground.

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