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W.Scott Bowersock Esq. Llb.;B.S.(engineering)

Van Nuys, California 91406
United States
818 752 8085

I can provide a neutral location for mediation
Area served: all of Los Angeles

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Member of: LASC Panel (Former)

For the past 12 years I have devoted my professional practice to Arbitrations and mediations and have been on the L.A. Superior Court panel and party pay panels; From January 1967 to about December 2001 I had an active courtroom practice . From about 1980 to 2001 most of my cases were family law. I have been certified in family law by the State Bar of California from about 1986 to the present.
I am a 1958 graduate of Stanford University in electrical engineering. I worked for 2 years on the Polaris missile project then left to go to law school at Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco until I was drafted after my first year in 1961. I returned after 3 years and completed law school and the bar in 1966.
My law practice from 1967 was a variety of civil cases-probate,personal injury,real estate and even successfully tried a contractual guarantee case.

Most of my family law and civil clients were middle income so I developed a sensitivity to maintaining a "cost effective" approach to mediation. I also developed an ability to be able to effectively communicate with parties to a family law or civil case even where there are significant cultural, ethnic or financial factors. My legal background covered a wide spectrum of cases.

I require briefs because this compels the parties to focus. I also emphasize that the parties have the power to settle and generally constantly judge times when to effectively take certain steps in the mediation. I place emphasis on the value of time. Communication and timing are very important. Often my presence is effective.

Please contact me for any further requested information.

W.S. Bowersock

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