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Mediator Pilot Referral Program

This is a notice for Los Angeles Area Mediators. After speaking with several of you, I've discovered that there is some expectation of a mediator assignment program for those of you who have previously been on the LASC ADR panel. In other words, you'd like the Mediator Registry to assign you mediations. Therefore, we are enabling a pilot program.

The purpose of the program is to make it easy and convenient for disputing parties to find an appropriate mediator; to allow mediations to be spread round the cadre of participating mediators; and to provide some certainty with fees. The program will have the following characteristics:

  1. Mediators who participate in this program must be Designated (upgraded) members of the Mediator Registry and have returned their Designation form to the Registry. Any level of mediator can participate in the program, but the mediator must have completed at least five mediations.

  2. The Mediator Registry will act only in a referral capacity and will not be a party to the Agreement to Mediate between the mediator and the clients.

  3. Any party may apply to the Mediator Registry to have a mediator assigned to a resolve a dispute. The party will pay a non-refundable administration fee to the Mediator Registry of $75.

  4. The Mediator Registry will designate a mediator for the case, cycling through the roster and taking into account specialty area and geographical location.

  5. The mediator is solely responsible for case management and convening the mediation. The mediator will be required within three days of receiving notice about the mediation to either accept the mediation and contact the parties, or else to decline the mediation so that it can be reassigned.

  6. The mediator is responsible for arranging for the location of the mediation.

  7. The mediator is responsible for providing the required paperwork, e.g. Confidentiality Agreement, Agreement to Mediate, Blank Settlement Agreement form. (The Mediator Registry can provide generic forms which can be used "as-is" and without any representations as to suitability).

  8. There is a two-tier mediator fee structure. For cases where the initial demand is below $50,000, the mediator will charge a flat fee for the mediation of $450 for a session of up to three hours. If the initial demand is greater than $50,000, the mediator fee is $750 for the first three hours. After three hours the mediator can charge their standard rate. The mediator is responsible for collecting these fees directly from the parties.

  9. If the parties cannot provide a location for the mediation, the mediator can optionally also collect an additional $75 facility fee to cover the cost of a neutral location.

  10. The mediator will perform the mediation as promptly as appropriate, and will return a signed certification to the Mediator Registry that the mediation has been resolved.

Please note that at this time we are not accommodating any form of pro-bono mediations. You are obviously welcome to indicate in your profile if you are willing to do cases pro bono, however this program is intended for paid mediations.

If you are interested in participating in this program, please indicate by clicking the link. At this time you do not need a Designation to express your interest, however you will not be assigned any mediations until you are Designated.

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